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New facebook group for 8 Chords

I just started this new group and am really excited to be able to network with all of my students on facebook.  I am going to be posting videos there with new songs and tips for you.  And, you can post your videos and comments to me as well.  I would also love to hear if any of you are writing songs.  You can post them there.  It is easy to use.  Just search for 8 chords 100 songs worship guitar group in your facebook and join!

Here is the address to join! You do have to have a facebook account but that is easy, safe and free.


2 responses to “New facebook group for 8 Chords

  1. Jampad October 19, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Hey Eric, I have a request I’m hoping you will help me out. I have two songs I absolutely love and really want to play… The chords are no problem, that’s the easy part… The strumming is the hard part… Can you help me out with the strumming pattern “MIghty to Save” and “Sweetly Broken”. Thanks in advance and for your help and thanks for ‘8chords100songs.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. 8chordsonline October 20, 2008 at 12:09 am

    Sure, I will post some strum videos on the facebook group. While you wait, pattern 6 is all down strums. You can start there for Might to Save. And then add accents on the beats that feel right to you. Ill show you what I mean. Most songs can groove over pattern 6 because it is all eighth note strums down. That kind of beat is the undertone for many songs. Depending on how you play it and what you add to it… that’s what makes it an interesting strumming pattern.

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