8 Chords Online

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What level is your course?

This course will teach you to play any worship song with simple chords.  If you already know how to play guitar.. (you can play all of the open chords, strum them and play songs) then you may consider book 3 for the in depth theory, but Book 1 and 2 may not be a good starting point.  Book 1 covers the first 4 chords and you can play a ton of songs with those chords.  You learn strumming as well in a way that will help you strum any pattern.  Book 2 covers more chords and patterns to strum as well as fingerpicking and technique.  Book 3 covers essential theory and more techniques including capo, scales, improv and more. If you have any questions,  ask them before you purchase!  Send your email to eric@8chords100songs.com

The books and CDs walk you through all you need to learn with play along tracks for everything.  The videos are the living examples so that you can see me do in and explain it in person.  The entire course has hundreds of pages and audio tracks and hours of video!


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