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5 Free Worship Chord Sheets Available Now!

The 8 chords are G, C D, Em, A, Am, Bm, F#m and you can play so many great songs now without using a barre chords.  And you  don’t have to search the internet for hours through poorly made chord charts.  I have easy accurate chord charts and great advice to get you playing right away.

Welcome! I have created an exciting way or you to learn and play worship guitar! 3 powerful sections help you along the way. This learn-at-home program starts at the day you pick up your first guitar and leads you step-by-step to playing 100 great songs (modern worship, hymns, Christmas, children’s, patriotic and more). When youcomplete this program you will have a full understanding of music theory and the ability to play guitar just like the pros!This is a comprehensive program with a full year of lesson plan packed with important tools including books, audio strum-alongs and video lessons. My program can replace a private teacher and save you up to $1000 per year in lesson fees. You can start as early as age 10!

It is great for homeschoolers, adults and teens. You can choose to study online or have my complete program printed and shipped to your house. Explore my site and blog to learn more.

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You can get started with 5 Free chord charts from WorshiptheKing.com

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2 responses to “5 Free Worship Chord Sheets Available Now!

  1. Jeffrey Wong April 18, 2010 at 8:20 am


    I would like to purchase your Modern Worship Guitar Lessons printed version but notice that you do not ship to Singapore where I live. Any advice on how can I obtain a copy?


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