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Our music rises up to God ears.

When I became a Christian at age 17, I threw out every secular CD I had.  eric-boston1I was listening to all kinds of music that was not good for me.  I began to learn about God and why it was better to sing for Him.  Before I met Christ, I was filled with hate and despair in life.  I guess everything seems so important when you are a teenager but I was fueling the fire of negative living with music from Metallica and Pantera and other God hating music.  When I was rescued, I turned away from that.  I threw it out of my life.  As a musician, I eperience a very moving emotion when I hear and play music.  Why give my allegiance to any other than God?   Worship music and Christian music lifts the soul and confirms our faith.  I do listen to some secular music and I appreciate all music, but I try to keep the worship tunes going and keep my heart right.  I do not like to listen to music that strays away from what the Bible teaches.  You can tell, as a worship leader and church musician, that you are called to a higher calling.  The music is lifted up from us and rises to God’s ears.  He hears our music and our praise and it defines a relationship between us.  It is so much bettern now.  So, I take it seriously and I rejoice in this God-given gift of music and the opportunity to use it for Him.  I know that I would be lost and hopeless without the saving grace that was poured out on me.  Now, my songs and my meditation must give glory to God.  It is a higher calling with a great reward.   I do listen to secular music and have many infuluences from different great musicians but now I know where it is all coming from and who it is really for.


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