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The God I Know. Share Your Story…

I didn’t expect for a song to impact me at such a deep level.  Only a few songs have done that in my life and it seems they are always near a transition period of my life.  For example, The Voice of Truth was a song that kept me grounded during a tough ministry transition as a young worship leader.  The God I Know was completed only weeks before I was laid off from my job last October.  Even if you see something coming, it can still hit you like a brick.  I spent the next week taking care of business and wrapping things up for my church.   Even when people surrounded me, I would randomly begin singing the words to this new song “The God I Know knows all about me, the God I know sees what I need.” The melody and words would just come out of me and I would begin humming them or singing them in an instant.  And the truth of God began to sink in deeper.  In fact, during my latest transition, I am learning how to truly trust my Savior God all over again.  At age 32, that is refreshing.  Life seems to barrel over you sometimes and the simple things get tossed around and lost in the shuffle.  Faith and sincere trust in God alone is easy to write or sing about but it is a different thing to really live with them at your core.  I am learning to live with them at my core again and this song is helping to remind me every day about the God that I met at age 17 on a hill in my backyard.  There is a lot going on in my life right now that I could not have orchestrated including my learning to really trust God as I start my new career as a piano technician and songwriter.  I was blessed with a mentorship with the President and Vice-President of the Master Piano Technicians and now I am graduating from the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology to become a certified MPT in July 2010.   Along with learning a tremendous skill for great income, I am able to work for myself full time again and Emily and I have been writing more songs.  We have begun to follow our dreams as songwriters again.  There is less mess and confusion in my life when I focus on a simple trust in God.  The God I know has always been there but I needed to sing it and let it soak in to my heart.  He is infinite and yet he is my intimate friend.  He ultimately rescues me from sin and keeps my soul at rest when I focus on Him.  I thank God for His life in me and for the ability to craft songs with Emily that reach back down into my own heart and make such great changes.  Please share your story with others and us by posting on our blog or sending an email from my website.  I want you to share with others about the God YOU know.


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One response to “The God I Know. Share Your Story…

  1. Evelyn Roberts May 4, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Eric. I love the song and am so proud of you! You and Emily are such a blessing to many! I remember the first guitar we bought you.

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