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Jesus is the only rock star.

As aspiring worship musicians, we must always remember that we are not in this for ME.  Being in ministry and using your musical talents for God is a special calling.  Actually, holding any form of position in your church where you are committing to serve others can often become a place where you begin to let your ambition get the best of you.  Buy wait, your so talented, so important, so smart… and God has his hand on YOU.  Your doing very well and everybody things your great.  But remember, you are there to serve.  To give of your talents and to bless others for the Glory of God.  It really is that simple and it nothing else.  We allow God’s love to flow out of us through the talents that He has given us and when that happens, of course people will be blessed and it will be wonderful.  In fact, you will be in just the right place in your life when you are allowing that to happen.  And then WHAM!  Its so great you may just thing your awesome!  You may begin to think that others should serve you, that you should go first, that you should get more, that your way is the best.  Be careful.  Be prayerful.  Be full of the Spirit.  Put others first. Put God first.  Remember that you are a servant.  Not a slave to sin but a servant of God so that his Glory may be seen around you and through your art and music.  Your life becomes a praise.  Too many of us in “ministry” are thinking that its just another line on our resume or chance to climb the ladder, but in God’s kingdom, Jesus made it perfectly clear….. Remember….

“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” Matthew 20:16

In view of this, we must let God’s gifting come through us and go out to bless others, then take no credit.  We must be humble servants.

As a worship leader, this is very challenging.  Especially in today’s modern church culture with lights and cameras and production.  Think about it, during an audition for a church worship leader position a few years ago, I saw my face and fender strat 15 feet tall on a huge screen behind me as I was leading worship.  How cool!  “I’m huge! and there’s a camera guy and everything!  I’m in a concert.  My guitar is so awesome!  This is so cool!  I’m so big…..”  This is the perspective the will continually creep into your music ministry.  This is a haunting whisper from the Devil himself…. Remember, he was thrown right out of Heaven.

You see, in all of this,  we must be servants.  We must be faithful to the one who called up and gave us this gifting in music to worship and praise Him. The world will tell us that we must advance, and move up and take what we can.  Get more and get more influence, money, title…

God help us.  God give us the ability to see through the lights and fog… and to keep a true perspective on the way we should serve others with our gifts. Give us the ability to develop true servant ministries.

There is only one “rock star” in this Christianity….. It’s Jesus.  And even he washed the feet of those he loved.  Showing us what a true leader and servant truly are.

So just remember, we are his backup singers, his stage crew, his bus driver. We are anything but first.  If you don’t believe that, then do us all a favor and don’t even try to get on stage.


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