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10 Common Mistakes of Beginning Guitar Players

Check this list and make sure YOU are NOT doing these things.  It seems like the easiest ways to get off track are also the easiest things to fix.

  1. Not playing close enough to the fret
  2. Holding the pick wrong
  3. Strumming the guitar too hard
  4. Playing the wrong (more difficult) chord shapes.
  5. Forming bad habits.
  6. Playing with too much tension (hands and mind)
  7. Neglect to choose a good mentor/teacher
  8. Not enough practice time
  9. Never learning the easy strumming patterns
  10. Not changing strings often enough (at least every 3 months)

Need to go further, check out my complete program for worship guitar. I help you overcome all of these early problems and start playing and singing your favorite songs.


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