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How to Give Praise Beyond the Music

By Emily Roberts

Praise is a word Christian people like to reserve for referring to the thanks we offer God, usually in song at a Sunday morning service.  Parents and pet-owners are sometimes encouraged to use praise as a form of positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior.  There are, however, many instances in which we praise others and simply may not have identified that, in fact, that is what we are doing.  Here are a few ways you have likely encouraged others with praise, and that just might give you some fresh ideas for how you can praise our Lord.

  1. Give a recommendation. If you have a wonderful experience at a new restaurant, you will be quick to encourage others to try it.  You will list for them all the reasons why you liked it. You will enthusiastically describe the atmosphere, service, price, and quality of the food.  It’s easy to tell others about something you enjoy.  The good things God does for us should also be a natural topic of conversation.
  2. Spend time admiring. Did you ever look intently into someone’s face, trying to memorize every detail?  Or wonder at how someone so wonderful could feel the same way about you?  Spend a little time thinking about God’s love and kindness, and your thinking will easily transition into admiring.
  3. Pay tribute. Open the cover to almost any book, and you will find the author’s investment of time and effort, and any success that comes from it, dedicated to some invaluable supporter.  Why not dedicate each work day to our Greatest Supporter?
  4. Cheer! This time of year, football fans all over the country are cheering on their favorite players, urging them to continue working toward victory.  If you want God to continue doing His good work in you, give Him a shout!

Practice by reading the psalms and try to read them out loud during your private worship and during your worship service.


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