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A Reflection on Psalm 107 – God has saved…

Original reflection from Psalm 107 on 4/2/09.  Take a moment to read and reflect on how God has saved us.  Read Psalm 107 for yourself as well.

I need to give thanks to God because his love never ends.  Because I have been set free I must sing it to the world.  My oppression did not last a lifetime because God was looking for me, searching me out.  He had better plans for me.

4-I wandered for years in desperate search for meaning but I couldn’t make sense of life.  I was starving for someone to tell me the truth.  To show me something good.  And it was so long I was becoming numb and I was walking near the line of exhaustion.  I was desperate enough to take my own life.

But I called out to God.  And just when things were becoming much worse, God heard my call, and just in the right time, He swooped down and rescued me.  He put my feet on a wonderful path. One that led to joy and happiness.  One that led to understanding how God created everything and God is our reason to live with a smile.  My heart sings out a song, a new song.  One filled with joy and I am thankful for Gods marvelous love.  I no longer thirst and I am no longer hungry.  God feeds my soul and sustains my life with hope.  The one thing I was so lacking before.

10- I was locked in a dark cell and confined behind bars of hatred and an inability to really love.  I turned my back on God and did not care that what I was doing was destructive to myself and to others around me.  My heart was heavy and my songs were testimony of that.  It didn’t seem like there was anyone around to help me out. No one seemed to know the answers to the questions I was asking. But I called out to God and just at the right time, He cleared my vision and gave me the answers I was looking for. So I sing out thanks for his wonderful love.  Because of His mercy, my songs never end now.  The chains that held me captive were broken like glass.  Those prison bars were snapped like matchsticks.

17- I felt sick inside because I chose to live my own life of sin.  I really thought that there was no reason to live.  I couldn’t see any point to going on.  And I blamed everyone else around me.  And they couldn’t explain it away.  But God spoke into my life and just in the nick of time, He pulled me back from the looming death call.  So now I sing out a new song, full of gratitude to Him.  When I sing those songs I feel them rising from a grateful heart to a holy God.  Its like no other feeling in the world.  So I’ll keep singing them so the world can see; so they can see that God is true and God is good.

23 – I took a journey on my own.  I set sail on the ship called discovery, thinking that I could do my own business.  Thinking I could have it all my own way.  Not giving thought towards God or trying to live with integrity.  But when the wind and storms blew strong in my life, I blamed God and held grudges against people around me who tried to help.  I thought that I knew it all and that God was so cruel and pointless in His actions.  But when the bottom dropped out and I began to sink for sure, I called out to God.  I pleaded for answers and I asked for forgiveness.  I asked for help from the Almighty.  And just then, He quieted the wind to a whisper and muzzled the waves of the sea of hatred.  He took me safely back to harbor.  So now when all the people assemble, I lift high the songs of praise and shout hallelujah for I have been rescued from death

33 – God turned wasteland into fresh pools of water and dry ground sprung up with living waters.  He changed my sickness into health.  Now I reap a harvest of good things like family and friends and success.  Now, when I prosper, I have to thank God and know that He has brought me far out of a deep hole.  Abuse, evil and trouble have all been put behind me.  I now have a safe place to live.  I now have a reason to live; and when I think about it, I have hundreds of reasons to live.  I sing out with my life to the Eternal God, the one who saved me and I am grateful that He did not leave me alone, dying and hopeless.  He retrieved me and set me free to live in a good place.  And now I sing songs of praise.


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