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Free Christmas song videos up now!

There are piano and guitar videos up now on the 8chords YouTube channel.

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New Members Area at 8chords100songs.com

This week I launched a NEW MEMBERS AREA of the 8chords100songs site!  I am posting videos, lessons, charts and tips for worship guitar.  It is all FREE and will help you grow as a guitar player and worship musician.  All you have to do to get instant access is join my e-newsletter on the 8chords100songs.com home page.

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Learn moveable chords

First, memorize the names of the frets on the top low e string.  The open string is e and it moves up in half steps from there just like a piano. 

Here it is
E f f# g g# a a# b c c# d d# e

Notice no sharps between e-f and b-c. 

Take a look at a piano keyboard for clarity.

Once you memorize this order you will be able to play power chords and moveable chords all up and down the neck.  I wl upload a simple chord diagram to show the shapes.

2 Free Christmas Song Sheets

Christmas is approaching fast….

easy christmas songs for guitar are here!

It is easy to play your favorite Christmas songs!

If you have been using my method then you know that you can play any of your favorite Christmas hymns and songs with EASY chords.  No more switching every beat and playing those impossible chords……

Download 2 Free Christmas songs now!

1. Joy to the World

2. Silent Night

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Silent Night Strum Along Video


Joy to the World Strum Along Video

These charts are from the NEW 8chords100songs Worship Songbook!

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New Worship Song My Offering

Learn the new worship song My Offering now with my YouTube video lessons!  Plus in my new video, I show you some great new ways to make the G C D and Em chords sound awesome!

Download the Chart Here:  myoffering-chords

Watch the acoustic video version here:

Learn the new Modern Chords Here:

Playing Hymns on Guitar with Ease!

I know that many of you are called upon to play hymns on the guitar and the hymns were not really written for our instrument.  The arrangements in the hymnal do not have chords and many of the hymn

play hymns easy on guitar

Make hymns easy to play.

arrangements are in hard to play keys with chord changes every measure.  One way that I have been successful at playing the hymns on guitar is to make the arrangement guitar friendly by playing them in the best keys for the guitar like C, G, or D.  Next, I simplify the hymn by dropping all the chords that are not necessary.  Many of the hymns can be played with 3-4 simple chords.

Here is my 1st secret…..

Take the hymnal to a copy machine and make a copy of the hymnal arrangement.  Blow it up as much as you can to get it as big as you can on a single page.

Then, find the best key for you to sing the hymn.  Try to stick with G and D and maybe the key of C.  Use your capo if you need to.

Next, sing the hymn while playing the most basic progression and take a marker or a sharpie and write in the chord changes on the hymnal sheet.  You are not going to be reading the music!  You are going to focus on the simple guitar accompaniment.

If you are playing with a piano player and are forced to play in the same key that it is written for example Eb or Bb.  (those are unfrinedly guitar keys)  Then you need to pick a good guitar key and devise a capo plan.  In no case do I suggest playing in the keys of Eb or Bb on the guitar.  Avoid it.

Now you have a hymn chart with all of the correct words and an easy guitar chord arrangement.

The new 8chords100song Songbook contains many of the popular hymns with easy chords in the keys of G or D.  This is also a great way to play the hymns if you are not comfortable yet with writing in your own chords.  Get the songbook today!

Keep an eye on the blog and the store for more resources for learning to write your own chord charts in the hymnal!  It does not have to be hard!

5 Free Worship Chord Sheets Available Now!

The 8 chords are G, C D, Em, A, Am, Bm, F#m and you can play so many great songs now without using a barre chords.  And you  don’t have to search the internet for hours through poorly made chord charts.  I have easy accurate chord charts and great advice to get you playing right away.

Welcome! I have created an exciting way or you to learn and play worship guitar! 3 powerful sections help you along the way. This learn-at-home program starts at the day you pick up your first guitar and leads you step-by-step to playing 100 great songs (modern worship, hymns, Christmas, children’s, patriotic and more). When youcomplete this program you will have a full understanding of music theory and the ability to play guitar just like the pros!This is a comprehensive program with a full year of lesson plan packed with important tools including books, audio strum-alongs and video lessons. My program can replace a private teacher and save you up to $1000 per year in lesson fees. You can start as early as age 10!

It is great for homeschoolers, adults and teens. You can choose to study online or have my complete program printed and shipped to your house. Explore my site and blog to learn more.

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