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Ryan Stover Student Interview

Hear from Ryan Stover about his journey from student to worship leader at his church!



Save money and use Eric’s program with a guitar mentor!

With my program, you will have everything that you need to learn guitar.  Plus you can make it an

A guitar mentor at work

A guitar mentor at work

even better experience when you learn with someone else.  Having a friend to play with or even a mentor to help you when you get stuck is worth its weight in gold.  My materials provide you with tons of tips and information that you would likely miss if taking private lessons with an instructor and paying over $80 per month.  I know for sure because I have talked to many parents and students who just lost out on all of the important building blocks and details because of a private teacher that didn’t provide the best materials for learning.  That is why I wrote my program in the first place.  I was teaching private students every day and struggled to find books and materials that would help a student develop in a step-by-step way and build them with the knowledge that they needed in the right order and at the right time.  So you can use my program with a friend or fellow worship team member to excel quickly and be playing worship songs in a very short time.

How to get a mentor and keep learning?

1 – Find someone who is passionate about guitar and who has a heart for worship and talk to them about your goals.  Ask if they would be willing to answer questions and possibly play together a few times a month.

2 – Ask your church worship leader if you can sit in and watch practices.  Maybe take your guitar as well and sit in the sanctuary with the band’s charts and try to play along.  This is a great way to get much needed experience.

3 – Help out on Sunday morning and try to spend as much time with your mentors as possible.

4 – Keep a journal and write down the things they say and take notes along your journey as you start to put the pieces together.

I have been a mentor and I have been mentored.  I know both ends and I can tell you that it is the most important element for your future success.  As the one being mentored, you must put forth 110% effort.  Don’t be a slacker and waste your mentors time.  Practice and work very hard.  It is very rewarding to learn a new craft and grow to become like those that you look up to.  As Christian worshipers, we who are carrying the call are always open to new musicians and worship leaders.  It is part of the call to help others and help others grow to become the best at worship and the craft of music to bring glory to God.

You can learn guitar on your own with my program, but having a mentor is an important part of becoming your best and gaining experience and opportunities.

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Best Acoustic Guitar for 300 Bucks and Buyers Guide

Ibanez PF5E  Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Best guitar for 300 bucks!

I have several of these and they sound great plugged in and are the right price.  Here is the link


If you don’t find it here, just search for the Ibanze Pf5e

Or the complete model number in mine is Ibanez Pf5e-cent-14-01  or   14-02

They have a fishman pickup system and they sound really good!

Two worship bands I produce use this guitar.  Read on to find out more about how to approach buying a guitar.

Eric’s Guitar Buyer’s Guide

What kind of guitar should I start with?
This is a huge question and the decision you make on what type, size and quality of guitar can affect your journey to learn in a really positive way or a terribly negative way.  Before you make a purchase or just grab the guitar from your basement and start strumming, read my advice here in the support center.

I am a girl/smaller child and cant get my arm around the acoustic easily.  What do I get?
They make an acoustic guitar with a thin body just for you.  The auditorium style guitar has a smaller body and is great for girls and younger kids.  The bloom guitars are just like this and they also plug in so you can run them to an amp or a sound system.

What type of strings are the best?
The best strings for a beginner are light gauge.  For an electric, use .09 gauge strings (most common) and for an acoustic use with a .10 or .11 gauge.  No thicker than .12 on an acoustic.  The thicker the gauge of the strings you use, the harder it is to press down, make sound and sustain practice time without pain.  In the beginning, it is best to take your guitar to a local shop and ask for it to be set up with a light gauge string.

Should I use an electric or an acoustic?
Either one is going to work just fine.  An electric is easier to play for a beginner because the strings are lighter, less tension and the body is smaller.  Acoustics are usually more desirable because of their beautiful sound and portability.  For a small child, I always recommend an electric because it is much easier.  You can purchase a small battery powered amplifier for a great price to avoid spending too much on the amp (plus it won’t drive everyone in the house crazy).

Why would I want an Electric/Acoustic?
An electric/acoustic is an acoustic guitar that has a pickup under the saddle and can plug into an amp or a sound system.  If you plan on leading worship soon, this is a great feature.  You can always use an external pickup in your sound hole (about $100.00) but the onboard preamp in most acoustic/electric guitar is a really nice feature to have.  It allows you to control the EQ settings and the volume with switches on the side of the guitar.

Where should I purchase my guitar?
Shop  at a local guitar shop but heed this important piece of advice that will save you time and MONEY!  Take a friend, a church member or someone in your circle of trust that plays guitar well when you go to make your purchase.  Tell them what you want and have them play and make the deal at the music shop.  Guitar shop sales teams will most likely take advantage of you if you do not know what you want.  A larger price does not mean a better instrument.

How much will a guitar cost?
For acoustics, a good beginner guitar will cost between $150-300.  This is the price range I suggest for complete beginners.  You will learn enough in your first year to begin to hear the difference in quality and make an informed decision on your next guitar.  The next price level is $300-600 and then $600-1,000.  I advise beginners to stay away from this price range until they really know what they want.  For electrics, you should be able to pick up a decent guitar for about $200.00 and then add an amp for $50-100.

Are guitar packs a good deal?
For a beginner ELECTRIC guitar, I say YES.  You can usually pick up an electric player pack, which included a guitar, amp, case and some other small accessories for about $200-300.  Two guitar packs I suggest for an electric are the Fender Squire pack or the Dean Player Pack.
For an ACOUSTIC, I say NO!  I don’t like the acoustic packs because they are usually cheap guitar packaged with unnecessary things and the price just goes up.  I suggest picking a good sounding acoustic guitar and then adding an inexpensive case and a few picks.  The Lauren guitars are just as good and sound even better than most acoustic pack guitar.

If you have any questions, please comment and let me know!

What level is your course?

This course will teach you to play any worship song with simple chords.  If you already know how to play guitar.. (you can play all of the open chords, strum them and play songs) then you may consider book 3 for the in depth theory, but Book 1 and 2 may not be a good starting point.  Book 1 covers the first 4 chords and you can play a ton of songs with those chords.  You learn strumming as well in a way that will help you strum any pattern.  Book 2 covers more chords and patterns to strum as well as fingerpicking and technique.  Book 3 covers essential theory and more techniques including capo, scales, improv and more. If you have any questions,  ask them before you purchase!  Send your email to eric@8chords100songs.com

The books and CDs walk you through all you need to learn with play along tracks for everything.  The videos are the living examples so that you can see me do in and explain it in person.  The entire course has hundreds of pages and audio tracks and hours of video!

Why 8 chords and how did you make it so easy???

First of all, I didn’t make it easy, I just made it easy for you to understand and have structured my program in a way that gets you playing tons of songs right up front and keeps the guitar student encouraged and excited. I teach, in a systematic way, important elements of guitar technique and music theory to help you build the solid foundation of a professional musician. After studying music at a university, teaching private lessons to over 40 students each week and using the guitar on the stage and in the studio professionally for many years, I had an “aha!” moment. Looking over several worship sets for my band at a large church where I was leading worship, I realized that my band could play several months or even a year of worship sets using the most popular songs of the culture and never use more than 8 chords. In fact, many of the top 10 songs dating all the way back to the beginning of popular music and the songs of the great pop, rock and blues driven bands made hits in multiple genres of music with simple 4 chord progressions. Those of you who have studied music know that all Western music, especially popular music, is founded and based up the major scale, which consists of only 7 chords. So why should beginning guitar players struggle for years memorizing hard to play chords and techniques that are not even needed to play the most popular songs of our culture? My course could safely be called 8 Chords 10,000 songs! Why? Because there is really no limit to the amount of popular songs that you can play with the 8 chords I teach. That’s good news for my students and those who aspire to play guitar. In addition to the easy methods and chords my students learn, by the end of the course, my students will learn far more than 8 chords and be able to play about in song in almost any genera. But in the beginning, they learn a foundation with 8 simple and easy to play chords that will be chords that they use the most even as professional guitarists. I use simple fingerings and modern voicing for the most popular chords along with great strumming patterns that can be applied to any style of guitar music.

I also believe that anyone can learn this instrument and develop the skills needed to become a great guitar player if they have a desire to learn and a passion for playing music. Playing guitar and creating music has been a live love for me since I got my first guitar in the 8th grade. Before that school year was over, my newly formed band was playing at the 8th grade dance. Since that performance, I have been hooked and have pursued my love for music. At age 17, I accepted Christ and began using my talents for God. Leading worship, teaching others music and writing/recording music are just a few ways that I have been using my talents so far. As I teach my students, I know that some will go on to do ministry and to write and play songs that glorify God. This is my main reason for connecting with students and helping them learn the necessary skills for becoming a successful and professional level musician. It really all starts with just a few chords and a desire to learn. When I find a student who really has a drive to learn this instrument, it just happens. There is nothing that can stop them. My course is for those who have that desire to learn. If that is you or someone that you know, I challenge you to try it! It would be my honor to help you begin one of the greatest journeys in life… to learn an instrument and to use it for the glory of God.

I already know chords… is this program for me?

I have been playing the guitar for 3 years solid, I know over a 100 chords and some scales,can move to them freely, and can play many songs. I have taken some lessons from friends who play. I practice alot at night after I help put the kids in bed.  This on-line school fits my busy life. Your probably thinking well what are you doing needing help.  I am very,very frustrated because I can not pick up a simple worship song and look at the chord sheet and play it. I have to have someone show me how to play a song.  Once someone shows me a strumming pattern and helps me I can play it.  My biggest problem is figuring out  a strumming pattern and timing, I don’t anticipate the chord changes good.  So my question is can your program help and where do I need to start at, since I’m not a beginner put my problems are related to timing and rhythm. 

So you know chords, that may put you in book 3, but since you are really struggling with rhythm and playing songs, start in book 1 and just work on learning how to count for yourself and then learn to hear a song and anticipate the changes.  Book 1 will start you off there and probably the songbook as well so you can learn some of the popular songs.
My books will show you some new chord shapes and tricks as well for worship.  Not sure you need the videos but, the cheapest way to do my program is the online school.   You can get a discount on the ebook downloads and have access to the full video sessions.  You may only need a few months.  But, by book three you are into very important foundational music theory on the 1st year college level.  Starts very easy, ends more difficult but focuses a ton on strumming patterns and counting and playing songs.   You can play along with me on all of them with the cds and the dvds.

Hope this helps. Eric Roberts