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Lesson 1 – You Are Good

You Are Good is a new worship song!  Listen and learn. youaregood-keyd Click to download chart.


Lesson 2 – Blessed Be Your Name Part 1

In this song, you are using G D Em C.  Watch and play along


Lesson 3 My Offering – New Worship Song and Technique

How to play cool new sounds and tricks with the G chord while you learn a new worship song.

myoffering-new – Download Chart

The chart includes some new lyrics.


Lesson 4 – How Great is Our God Simple Lesson


Lesson 5 – Joy to the World Simple Christmas Song

If you have been using my method then you know that you can play any of your favorite Christmas hymns and songs with EASY chords.  No more switching every beat and playing those impossible chords……

Joy to the World Chord Chart

Joy to the World Strum Along Video

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Lesson 6 – Silent Night Simple Christmas Song

Silent Night Chord Chart

Silent Night Strum Along Video

These charts are from the NEW 8chords100songs Worship Songbook!



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